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Anticipation through the roof.

On a scale from Usain Bolt to Mach 10, the KPL media team sits comfortably at the speed of

light, delivering you, are most valued fans, news as it happens regardless of the circumstances.

Today’s coverage is fresh off the press and delivered to inboxes and social sources worldwide.

Let’s get into it.

Day three of KPL Sicily here in beautiful Marsala, Italy, was yet again another incredible day for

riding and competing. The morning began early with the men’s semifinals that qualified both Eric

Rienstra and Xander Raith into finals alongside Ewan Jaspan, Maxime Chabloz, Ramiro Gallart,

and Noe Font. After the men’s semifinals, the women took to the water to compete in their final

and determine the podium positioning. Katie Potter, Karolina Winkowska, and Lauren Holman

pieced together beautifully calculated lines across the Knot Future corrugated pipes and the We

Ride Local Incline Rail, accompanied by a myriad of flips, spins, and grabs off of the Duotone

kicker. Currently, results have been concealed from both the riders and the public and will

remain under guarded surveillance until the awards ceremony tomorrow night when we crown

our female podium finishers.

Shortly after the women made their way off of the water, the flag dropped, and the men’s final

was underway. Unfortunately, the men were unable to finish the entirety of the final but are

expected to conclude the event tomorrow during what is forecasted to be another pristine day of

Mediterranean thermals and sunshine.

For those who would like to take part in the awards ceremony, please join us tomorrow evening

at the Duotone Pro Center Sicily for a cold beverage and a great time. For those who are unable

to attend, our social channels will be buzzing with live updates and media coverage.

Kite Park League Sicily concludes tomorrow, and the final’s anticipation is through the roof.

More to come. Stay tuned, stay invigorated, and enjoy your weekend.

Ciao for now,



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