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Day two of the KPL Super Final to go off without a hitch.

When the stars align, greatness typically ensues in the wake of its effort. Often, this mantra is used to describe a situation that yields very good, lucky, or completely desirable results. For the Kite Park League Super Final, our team has worked tirelessly to ensure this outcome. Thanks to our strategic analysis of all things flawless, we were able to mitigate failure by completely removing its variability from the equation. Subsequently, this tireless pursuit allowed for day two of the KPL Super Final to go off without a hitch.

Day two here is Taiba, Brazil, acted as the second and final day of practice before the flag drops and the contest begins. While the competition itself is the crux of the Super Final, without our legendary social team, the event’s happenings would go largely unrecognized. Thanks to our lead photographer - Andre Magarao, chief film director - Alexander Lewis-Hughes, social media coordinator - Nina Font, and the entire KPL staff working remotely from around the globe, the event is able to be shared with those unable to have purchased our “live viewing” tickets.

Aside from the infinite particulars that keep the event’s momentum rolling forward as opposed to retrogressively, day two of practice has come to an end, and with it begins the official start of the competition. For the most up-to-date happenings and results, please follow our social channels. See you tomorrow after the conclusion of the first day of competition. To those who support us, bless you. To those who hinder our progression, not to worry - we find light in the darkest of spaces. We love you all. We just love some more. KPL Super Final day two is history. Day three floats heavenly on the horizon.

Good tidings,

KPL Chief Editor


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