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Watch the KPL Team Battle videos!

We are proud to celebrate the collective efforts of Team Tan, your 2022 Kite Park League Team Battle champion. Without question, Team Tan logged the MTOB this week (Most Time on Board) and seized every opportunity to work as a group, while simultaneously producing the best riding and video for the Team Battle contest. Thank you all for following along and sharing in the glory of the Kite Park League's revival.

1st TEAM TAN Ewan Jaspan Jack Rieder Lauren Holman Ian Daly Chris Boyle.

3rd TEAM BLUE Chris Bobryk Brendan Kerr Sam Medysky Rich Sabo Kristen Cooper John Perry

4th TEAM GREEN Sam Light Eric Rienstra Andrew Cain Nadja Bianchet Steve Lee Greg Houle

5th TEAM YELLOW Brandon Scheid Tim Walsh Katie Potter Ryan Goloversic Zach Draper


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