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Day 4 - "The grind don't stop, 'til the rail ends"

Hello and welcome to day four of the Kite Park League Team Battle, which marks the halfway point of the contest. For those who missed their opportunity to seize the easterly winds the day prior, today offered similar conditions, allowing the teams to finalize or perfect their attempt at riding and filming a "natural feature." While Team Burgundy missioned west towards Portland in hopes of finding some worthwhile natural structures to showcase, Team Tan and Team Yellow were joined by Team Blue and Team Green at a familiar location that had proven to be favorable on day three. However, due to the rugged terrain found erupting from the Columbia River's edge, finding an accessible "natural feature" can prove to be a difficult hurdle. Nonetheless, team creativity was on full display, and nearly every team was able to accomplish the task and get one step closer to delivering their team video.

The heavily anticipated western breeze is forecasted to blow back through Hood River for day five of the Team Battle. The teams are excited and ready to re-immerse themselves in the Slider Project's world-class competitive arena. The teams are ready to hit the ground running. "The grind don't stop, 'til the rail ends" - Sage Kotsenburg. Here we go; day five starts now.


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