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Day 5 - The push toward the finish begins now

Hello world, welcome to day five of the Team Battle. Along with the warm welcome of the western breeze, the Slider Project is happy to re-introduce the Duotone A-Frame to the park. Although the wind has been less than idealistic for a contest of this caliber, today did not disappoint, and the park was bustling with life. Team Tan, Team Yellow, Team Burgundy, Team Blue, and Team Green proudly wore their team jerseys and cascaded the park in a rainbow of color. Although the park has a variety of features, often, once a progressive tempo is set, everyone floods to a particular feature to claim their stake in the session. Today the feeding frenzy began on the Duotone A-Frame and then progressed into the Airush handrail. As the day began to fade into the evening, the wind followed suit, which allowed the teams to alternate to larger kites and take advantage of the Cabrinha box, along with the Naish and Slingshot kicker. While the level of riding was on full display, teamwork was equally as transparent as each team would siphon through their riders, sharing the rolls of both filming and riding.

Day five was nothing short of glorious and a phenomenal display of The Kite Park League’s innovative and progressive take on competitive kiteboarding. As teams approach day six of the Team Battle, video quantity and quality is becoming increasingly paramount. Only two days remain until the midnight video submission deadline. Day six is forecast to deliver some hopefully western thermals, and the teams have their fingers crossed that the wind will persist and deliver to sustain the park riding momentum. The next two days are valuable, and every second of riding counts. Day five is complete - the push toward the finish begins now.


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