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The second annual KPL Team Battle.

The KPL is honored to bring back the second annual Team Battle to Hood River USA. Since the birth of park riding, Hood River has thrived in promoting and supporting its continuation. If you were with us last year you know what this is about but for those of you joining for the first time here is how it works. Unlike former venues that tier riders through a plethora of heats in an effort to identify the best rider, both male and female, the Team Battle takes a progressive leap forward and introduces a new format that will showcase the best riding, while simultaneously making the event more viewer friendly and accessible to the public. As the name implies, the Team Battle is a team-oriented contest that fosters camaraderie and group participation to determine a winning team.

Riders are split into five teams with each team assigned a team captain based on KPL rankings. For the Team Battle, each of the five teams are responsible for filming and editing their own video that showcases their very best riding in and around the Hood River Slider Project. The Teams have from, August 26th, until midnight of September 1st to film and produce their team’s video. Video Criteria: Each rider has to include a minimum of one clip in the video, but a single rider cannot exceed 10 clips. Beyond these basic parameters, creativity, collaborative efforts and team ingenuity will be the driving force in determining the winner of the 2023 Hood River Team Battle. On September 2rd, the riders will be given the opportunity to exercise their own judgement and cast their ballots for the team they believe has produced the best video. The five teams will have one week to ride, film, edit and showcase the best and highest level of competitive park riding.

Without question, this will be a week to remember and perhaps a new milestone for the KPL and its distinguished influence on the entire kiteboarding industry. Stay Tuned and be ready; Hood River Team Battle August 26th - September 2nd.


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