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What’s better than a sunny day, a warm Mediterranean breeze and an immaculate kite park?

Location: Masala, Italy

Time: 4:31 AM

Date: 05/22/23

Personel: KPL

Welcome to the live update from the KPL event staff and chief editor. As always, it is our

sincerest pleasure to be hosting, and we thank you graciously for tuning in.

What’s better than a sunny day, a warm Mediterranean breeze, an immaculate kite park,

waterfront spectating, and the Duotone Pro Center Sicily? If you guessed “nothing,” then you

are correct. If you guessed otherwise, we advise you to seek psychological consultation because

“nothing” was better than the conditions and the location for the first day of competition here in


Just before noon, the trees began to rustle, indolent flags became erect, and before long, the

park was in the water, kites were in the air, and the event was underway. Of the event’s five

collective heats, all four men’s heats commenced, while the women were given the day to

practice in anticipation of their upcoming final. Thanks to the voted input from each KPL rider,

the park’s obstacle orientation was decided, which included an up-to-flat Knot Future corrugated

pipe, followed consecutively by the red We Ride Local incline rail, dubbed by the principal

contractor as “The Red Beast.”

The event began in chronological order, starting with men’s heat one and finishing with men’s

heat four. After each heat completed their three-line attempts on the Knot Future corrugated

pipe and the We Ride Local incline rail, the heat proceeded directly into the Duotone kicker,

which created a total of four scores (two left-foot-forward scores and two right-foot-forward

scores) that would decide who would continue to the next heats and who would valiantly retire.

As the afternoon sun began to fade behind the mountains of Favignana, so did the wind, which

interfered with the completion of heat three and heat four. However, heat one and heat two were

able to complete their round before the wind vacated, sending the top finishers from each heat,

Ewan Jaspan and KPL rookie Maxime Chabloz, directly into finals. The second and third-place

finishers from these two heats, accompanied by the second and third-place finishers from heats

three and four, will converge in an eight-man semifinal round that will crown two additional riders

that will enter into the final.

While we kiss goodbye to the first day of competition, we will eagerly await tomorrow’s optimistic

forecast, which aims to complete the standings for the initial finalists and the semifinalists.

Arrivederci from day one of competition. Stay healthy, stay blissful, and don’t get burned… More

heat coming out of the oven and straight to your plate tomorrow.

Yours truly,



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