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What’s long, hard, and sometimes wet?

What’s long, hard, and sometimes wet? That’s right, the red We Ride Local Incline tube and

quite possibly the most eloquent rail to ever grace the kiteboarding industry. Welcome to the

KPL Sicily course overview.

For the second stop of the 2023 tour, the course consists of a Duotone kicker, Knot Future

corrugated pipes, an entry-level box, and the crown jewel, a pristine, custom-fabricated up-tube

distinguished by the principal contractor as “The Red Beast.” One of the most distinct facets that

naturally accompanies most board-oriented sports, such as snowboarding and skateboarding, is

the commanding visual intrigue that it draws, often curating a scene of intense precision

juxtaposed with minimalistic characteristics. For example, if you have ever gazed down a snow-

blanked park or watched skateboarders meticulously grind down street rails, the visual

presentation of these features is of a relatively fundamental design, which helps draw direct

attention to the rider as opposed to the feature itself. In an effort to grasp these prevalent

standards, for KPL Sicily, the park is largely constructed to illustrate minimalistic beauty as

opposed to large and obscure obstacles. The kicker is carved to perfection, and the red tube

has been referred to by critics worldwide as a “sculpture fit for the gods.” With this constructive

particularity in mind, we hope you, our loyal fans, can continue to enjoy the efforts executed by

the Kite Park League and its riders as we all continue climbing the ladder to stardom.


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