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Who will advance? Who will stand defeated, and who will take it all?

Date - 5/25/23

Time - 4:02 AM

Status - Active

Personnel - Semifinalist

Engagement - Viral

And… we’re back. Day two of competition has officially been logged, and the countdown to

finals has begun. For day two of KPL Sicily, the second and third-seeded riders from each heat

converged for a semifinal that will send the top two riders into finals. Semifinalist qualifiers

include Mateo Dorotini, Tom Seager, Nico Gilomen, Tom Bridge, Xander Raith, Eric Rienstra,

Gianmaria Coccoluto, and Alexander Lewis-Hughes.

The morning began in quintessential fashion with a very light sea breeze that trended upwards

as the day’s heat gave traction to steady Sicilian thermals. By noon, the park was in the water,

the judges prepared for analysis, and the riders eagerly waited for their time of evaluation. The

heat began with the (left-foot-forward) line, which included the Knot Future up-to-flat corrugated

pipes and the We Ride Local red incline rail (The Red Beast.) For those unfamiliar with the term

“line,” its reference comes directly from other board sports and is defined as doing more than

one maneuver in succession. The objective of implementing a “line” is to demonstrate

consistency and control while also embracing a more complex standard that is an inherent

cornerstone within board-sport industries. More often than not, performing tricks consecutively is

much more difficult than performing a singular trick, and from an analytical perspective,

especially within a contest setting, performing a “line” often exposes significant contrast

between each rider. However, despite the innate intricacy of performing a “line,” the semifinalists

did not disappoint, and each rider navigated their way through the course with distinct intent and


After the (left-foot-forward) line, the group moved onto the (right-foot-forward) Duotone kicker

and were able to squeeze what was left of the wind before a storm front rolled through and

disrupted the thermals. As a result of the inclement wind and weather, event staff made the

executive decision to postpone the remainder of the event and wait for more favorable

conditions. Currently, semifinalists are expected to complete their heat during tomorrow’s

gloriously optimistic forecast, which will be directly followed by the women’s and men’s finals.

Here we go, the moment you have all been waiting for. Who will advance? Who will stand

defeated, and who will take it all? Anyone can eat, but not all can cook. Tomorrow we crown the

chefs and applaud the patrons. Fire the entrees…

Yours truly,



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