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A plethora of new faces and an unforeseen legal dispute!?!?

Dearest fans and valued benefactors,

Thank you for joining us for KPL Sicily, the second stop of the Kite Park League tour here in beautiful Marsala, Italy. For the past month, contractors and KPL staff have been hard at work manifesting a park of superb beauty. For those who are joining us for the first time, contestants from around the globe have congregated for the second stop of a three-stop tour that concludes in Brazil this fall. The top ten finishers from both Argentina and Sicily qualify for the Super Final in Brazil that will crown the tour champion. Due to standings from the previous event in Argentina, ten riders have already qualified for the Super Final in Brazil. While some riders will aim to improve or maintain their tour positioning, there is a plethora of new faces being welcomed to the event, which will likely mix up the results and present new podium prospects. Industry phenoms such as Maxime Chabloz, Tom Bridge, and freestyle world champion Gianmaria Coccoluto are all making their KPL debut, introducing a new tier of competitive mastery.

For KPL Sicily, the competitors will be examined strictly by our judges, who will ultimately decide who proceeds into the next round and who gets discharged. In an effort to maintain the prestige and authenticity of the KPL’s longstanding adherence to sincere judging criteria, the KPL is honored to enlist the analytical expertise of Christophe Tack, head judge for KPL Sicily. Along with Christophe, Spanish wakeboard champion Alec Mur will act as the event’s second judge. Together, both Christophe and Alec will work in conjunction to peel back the layers of the contest and determine the event’s victors. For those interested, previous contest results and tour standings are available for analysis on our website.

The KPL would like to share its sincerest gratitude towards Duotone, ION, Duotone Pro Center Sicily, We Ride Local, Xenon Boards, Oasi Guzzetta, and Knotfuture for helping to support and host KPL Sicily. As with any sport that relies entirely on the weather, the first day of the event did not deliver manageable conditions but did allow the riders the opportunity to view the park and devise aspiring strategies. In addition to viewing the park’s features, during registration, riders were given the opportunity to vote for their favorite configuration of the park, a unique characteristic of KPL’s progressive outlook on competition, where each rider and their voice are unequivocally valued. Once votes are tallied, the exact park configuration, along with the heat grouping, will be released publicly.

Sadly, our televised contract was breached due to an unforeseen legal dispute that sought to upend our corporation’s values, jeopardizing the integrity of the KPL’s internal media program. However, our legal team is working to iron out the creases and is making lateral strides to deliver our treasured audience cutting-edge news. Although the programmed stream has been temporarily suspended, for those interested in viewing the contest live, please join us at Sicily’s world-renowned Duotone Pro Center for a front-row seat of the action. Bring your family, friends, and pets, and unwind on the beachfront with a cold beverage, food, and a chance to witness kiteboarding’s most inclusive and veracious discipline. Thank you for tuning into day one of the KPL Sicily. KPL staff, contractors, legal team, media personnel, and chief editor share a sincerest gratitude for joining us for day one of KPL Sicily.

Stay, blessed, stay true and get hyped. More action coming tomorrow.


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