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"Because we care." KPL PATAGONIA 2024

Frequently, the KPL (Kite Park League) receives admiration from a variety of different organizations and corporations who seek to learn more about the League's premier operations and logistical structuring. A question from industry leaders that has become a bit of a repetitive joke in the KPL office is, "How do they do it time after time?" An undisclosed source recently wrote the office asking, "How has your team managed to inspire and catch the attention of the entire kiteboarding industry while simultaneously remaining humbly devoted to inclusivity and rider-driven momentum?" After reading this message, our CFO chuckled and responded, "Because we care."

There is no secret ingredient, overzealous marketing scheme, or predestine strategy that makes the KPL unequivocally prestigious. No "ifs*, ands*, buts*," or nonsense, the KPL simply cares more than most and is willing to go to extreme efforts to ensure that both competitors and event sponsors are receiving the most authentic experience that can be offered. The Kite Park League is a platform for growth and inspiration for those who wish to take part in the effort. With that being said, the Kite Park League proudly welcomes and celebrates the beginning of the 2024 season, kicking off in beautiful Argentina.

If you were to Google "wonderland" or explore the far reaches of the earth for a place that seemingly shouldn't exist, La Angostura, Argentina, would likely be one of the first results to appear on the radar. For those who have not yet traveled to this staggeringly beautiful portion of the world, its beauty is profound and evokes a sense of immeasurable enchantment. Nestled in the Patagonia mountain range between the border of both Argentina and Chile sits the quaint town of La Angostura, the host of the second annual Patagonia Invitational and the first contest of the 2024 season.

Thanks to the efforts of our fabrication team, aquatic relations coordinator, and generous sponsors, the KPL park is anchored in the heart of Lake Nahuel Huapi, which boasts some of the world's clearest and purest freshwater on the planet. Abutting the lake are lush forests with behemoth trees that ascend beyond eyesight, climbing thousands of feet before fading into snow-covered peaks that share their boundary with the clouds. If the natural allure wasn't enough to engage one's most heartfelt yearning, the people, cuisine, and energy of the community are remarkable, and it is a sincere pleasure for the KPL to have been graciously welcomed back.

Hosting a contest is no easy feat, and the logistics that coincide with building a park in the remote valley of Patagonia's mountain range requires immeasurable effort and planning. With the utmost certainty, the Patagonia Invitational would not have materialized without the continual support of Rami Gallart, the chief coordinator for this event.

The contest itself was allotted a one-week weather window, and advantageously, the first three days of the event brought incredible conditions, allowing all of the heats to run smoothly and directly into both the men's and women's finals. For the 2024 Patagonia invitation, the female finalists included Adela Mendoza, Fiorela Fantasia, and Aleksandra Zhukova. All three women rode incredibly well, battling with one another and continuing the progression of female kiteboarding. After one of the most entertaining KPL finals to date, Fiorela Fantasia's consistency and composed control across all features earned her a third-place finish. Securing second place on the podium was wakeboarder Aleksandra Zhukova, who seamlessly transitioned her skills from cable into the immaculate Argentinian kite park. In first place, continuing her dominant reign, was Adela Mendoza, who earned the respect of every rider and was undeniably deserving of being awarded the female victor of the 2024 Patagonia Invitational.

While the women's final was incredibly competitive, the men's was equally as gripping. The finalists included Santi Cisneros, Rami Gallart, Noe Font, Lucas Muzio, Xander Raith, Einar Saad, Matias Barrena, Juaco Rodriguez, and Asher Clarke. After battling it out all afternoon, the difference between second and fifth place was less than a point, illustrating the sheer competitive rivalry between the men's finalists. Ultimately, however, consistency became the most substantial factor that separated the podium positions from the rest of the field. In third place, the KPL congratulates Rami Gallart for his phenomenal riding and his role in curating one of the best park events in the world. In second place, Xander Raith's collected approach and unique style landed him next to Rami on the podium. In first place, Noe Font defended his Patagonia Invitational title by showcasing his mastery of park riding and truly professional capabilities. For 2024, this rounds out the Patagonia Invitational champions! The KPL is honored to support these athletes, celebrate their success, and introduce anyone who is interested in the inclusive world of kiteboarding.

During childhood, when one first attends school or daycare, one of the primal lessons one is taught and learns from, for example, is how to interact with others. Much of this formative education is influenced by one's guardians, friends, community, and those they choose to spend their time with. Whether it be riders who traveled across the globe to this event or riders who call Argentina their home spot, they all truly possess the innate qualities of collective compassion. Although at its core, the Kite Park League is nothing more than an organizational host for the competition, a fundamental distinction that has allowed the KPL to grow and progress organically is the riders who seek to support our contests. We are truly lucky to help represent so many incredible athletes, who together create a competitive dynamic that is inspiring to be a part of. From everyone at the KPL, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all of the riders who helped make this contest thrive, along with our sponsors and the wonderfully caring people of Argentina.

Without the support of Ak Durable Supply Company, Wenear sun protection, Bluthanteojos, Airush Kiteboarding, Mafia Bags, Santa Tabla Group, Corona, Oneill, Slingshot Kiteboarding, and the Asociación Argentina de Kite, the Kite Park League would not be celebrating another successful contest. Thanks to our sponsors, along with head judges Christophe Tack and Maxi Gambedotti, as well as our media team, which included Martin Pastene, Javier Darder, Oliver Umpierre, and Martina Marcet, the KPL would be merely a basis for ideas. Every aspect of the KPL is a team effort, and the prosperity of the League is dependent on this dynamic. Thanks for tuning in! Exciting news coming in there future!

Sincerely, the Kite Park League Chief Editor.


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