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Our sights are now set on the second stop of the tour, which will take us to our first European stop in years to the salty waters of Lo Stagnone in the island of Sicily (Italy) where riders will have the chance to participate in this much sought after kind of event. Mark your calendars, clear your schedule, and get ready for a front-row experience of the second tour stop.

For those who missed the event highlights or are unaware of the extraordinary dynamics that ensued during the first event of the season in Argentina, we urge you to follow our social media platforms for a first-hand look at the beautiful park curated by the KPL and the phenomenal riding that transpired. A sincere thank you goes out to our sponsors who helped support the event and make the Patagonia Invitational a reality. Thank you for supporting the greatest, most inclusive, and most progressive platform in competitive kiteboarding. Sincerely, the KPL staff and Chief Editor. That’s it, that’s all, folks. More to come from Sicily.


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