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Team Gold, captained by Brandon Shied was packed with talent, including ALEX LEWIS-HUGHES, SENSI GRAVES, NICK BAINES, DEVIN CARBOLL, And KRISTEN COOPER. Throughout the week, Team Gold’s presence in the park was in full effect as they dismantled every feature and showcased the beauty of park riding. Additionally, Team Gold was graced with the gifted talent of ALEX LEWIS-HUGHES, a professional filmmaker and drone pilot. Together, the combination of the Team’s flawless riding, compounded by the superb filmmaking and video composition, curated an idealistic scenario for one one of the more premier kiteboarding edits of the year. Please, sit back, relax, and watch as Team Gold puts down a polished heater.

For the 2023 Team Battle, Team Gold proudly presents “Killer Bees.” KPL TEAM BATTLE 2023 - HOOD RIVER, OR. The KPL introduces a fun new competition format where riders come together in teams with the focus set on showcasing the best most creative riding in a video part. By the end of the week, prizes will be awarded to standout riders, the best crash, rookies, the best tricks, and obviously the best team video! Video Criteria: Each rider has to include a minimum of one clip in the video, but a single rider cannot exceed 10 clips. Beyond these basic parameters, creativity, collaborative efforts, and team ingenuity will be the driving force in determining the winner of the 2023 Hood River Team Battle. On September 2nd, the riders will be given the opportunity to exercise their own judgment and cast their ballots for the team they believe has produced the best video. Thank you to our sponsors for making this possible. Duotone Kiteboarding Knot Future Slider Project Full Sail Brewing Naish Kiteboarding GoPro - KITE PARK LEAGUE 2023.


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