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TEAM ICE - 2nd Place // KPL TEAM BATTLE 2023.

The last glacial period occurred well over 100,000 years ago, and since then, the earth has been slowly melting, causing rivers to flow, oceans to fill, and ice to become a precious commodity. On a hot summer day in Hood River, Oregon, there is nothing better than plunging into the cool glacial runoff that empties into the Slider Project’s immaculate park. While a glacial plunge is certainly nice, there are few things colder and more defiant than ice itself. For the 2023 Team Battle, Team ICE posed as perhaps an underdog and an unforeseen threat to the podium. However, one of the greatest aspects of the Team Battle is the unknown and the potential for disruption. Up until the videos are premiered, competitors are unaware of the cards the other team might be holding. Team ICE, captained by Xander Raith, along with Katie Potter, Tim Walsh, Ian Daly, and Asher Clarke delivered a frosty, stone-cold heater at the end of the week, earning them second place in the Team Battle, as well as a handful of subsequent accolades. Perhaps one of the more notable differences for Team ICE was the team’s composition. Besides being the youngest Team, During team selection, Xander was the only captain to choose a female rider as his first pick, which proved advantageous as Katie rode incredibly well all week and was voted Best Female by her peers. While Katie dominated the park all week long, her talent was matched by the efforts and performance of Tim, Ian, and Asher, who all helped Team ICE earn Best Edit. Along with Best Edit and Best Female, Team ICE’s captain, Xander, was able to clench Best Kicker hit. For the 2023 Team Battle, Team ICE’s crew verified their unique distinction and share with the world a video that encapsulates their efforts. Please sit back and enjoy the visual efforts of the runner-up, Team ICE.


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