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Teams’ have entered the ring. Who do you think will take it?

One of the most delightful surprises in kiteboarding is when a forecast changes for the better. Originally, the forecast for day two was looking bleak at best. However, to the teams’ delightful surprise, as the sun climbed from behind Hood River’s surrounding mountain range, a warm westerly breeze billowed down the Columbia River and emptied into the Slider Project’s world-class park. What started off as a day that was thought to be absent of wind turned into one of the windiest days of the season, allowing every team to take advantage of the unanticipated rarity.

The park was lit up like a pinball machine as teams, and their colors bounced back and forth, launching, sliding, splashing, and, most importantly, filling their hard drives with an incredible display of park riding. While some teams sought to do short stints in the park, some logged hours worth of riding and video, culminating in a picturesque first day for the 2023 Team Battle.

The forecast ahead looks promising, and we are excited to share the action as it unfolds. Teams have entered the ring and have begun experimenting with what they believe is the winning formula. Who do you think will take it? Make your opinion known on our Instagram and relish in the glory of your own perspective. Crank the stereo, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Day two is a wrap. See you tomorrow.

Our most sincere of intentions,



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