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The 2023 Kite Park League Team Battle begins tomorrow!

Three hundred sixty-five days have passed like the blink of an eye, and here we are again. The second annual Team Battle is here, and we are so very pleased to continue to redefine the standard and triumph as the premier event host in all of kiteboarding. Accolades aside, we are so very humbled by the generosity of our donors and affluent benefactors. Thanks to help from our supporters and viewers like you, the Kite Park League has been able to sustain its values and business ethics, overcoming fraudulent lawsuits and dodging bankruptcy.

Our Roster is packed with 30 riders from around the globe who will be sorted into teams and continue the prestige of park riding. Rules, team configurations, rider list, and event breakdown will be announced tomorrow during the team selection. News updates and live coverage can be found on the KPL Instagram, as well as the KPL website. The 2023 Kite Park League Team Battle begins tomorrow. Tune in by whatever means necessary. Clear your schedule, hire a babysitter or call in sick. See you tomorrow. Over and out.

*Special message to our donors and benefactors* - May your pocketbooks be forever generous and your hearts forever full. Good wind, clean landings, and have a blessed day.

In the meantime enjoy last years videos below!

1st TEAM TAN Ewan Jaspan Jack Rieder Lauren Holman Ian Daly Chris Boyle.

3rd TEAM BLUE Chris Bobryk Brendan Kerr Sam Medysky Rich Sabo Kristen Cooper John Perry

4th TEAM GREEN Sam Light Eric Rienstra Andrew Cain Nadja Bianchet Steve Lee Greg Houle

5th TEAM YELLOW Brandon Scheid Tim Walsh Katie Potter Ryan Goloversic Zach Draper

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